Financial Services

Elevate your financial journey with our expert services – where precision meets prosperity.

The key element in starting and growing any business is bookkeeping. This differentiates a hobby from your business. Bookkeeping tasks involve the process of tracking your business assets, incomes, liabilities and expenses to help you make smart informed business decisions. This process should be performed at least monthly. 

When you hear the terms accounting system, cash flow, assets, liabilities, invoicing, and monthly financial statements, “complicated” is probably the first thing that comes to mind. With BiL Finance & ICT Limited we want to save you time and resources while reducing errors. 

We’d say, opt for an outsourced bookkeeping service! Doing so will not only guarantee you confidentiality, but will also provide the expertise you need in handling your financial reports. 

Our Accountants tend to manage the day-to-day financial operations. Our accounting services give you the benefits of your own financial expert, helping you first understand your finances so you can make smart financial decisions and manage funds by the numbers.

You need an accountant for your business when you need help with the collection, analysis and reporting of financial information. Accountants can interpret your financial data in order to help you make better business decisions when it comes to your company’s profitability.

At BiL Finance & ICT Limited, we make sure that the financial transactions and records of your company are kept up-to-date and accurate allowing key decision makers to rely on management reports.

By leveraging our esteemed services, we can help reduce costs, routine accounting processes, and improve the efficiency of the year end reporting process allowing you the time and resources to focus on growing and developing the business.


Regardless of the size or state of your business, managing the accuracy and timeliness of your company’s financial performance is very essential. Our Controller services provide accurate reports and complete the necessary analyses required to provide you with the ability to make strategic financial decisions in a timely manner.

Our Controller Services are Customizable to fit your needs. As you grow your organization from startup to maturity there will be growing pains. A controller can help you consolidate the processes, technology, and people that have gotten you this far.

The Controller is in charge of managing financial and accounting operations and reporting, for the purpose of financial visibility for your company. . Overseeing accounting supervisors and staff accountants to ensure accuracy and timeliness of reporting.

Accounting and finance are the language of business. You cannot make sound decisions without them. If you do, you risk making ill-advised decisions that can severely damage your company. Our CFO services help businesses make forward-thinking financial decisions. We use accounting data to help our clients develop budgets, financial projections, and strategic plans to grow their business.

Business is more data-driven than ever, which means the CFO or the financial manager needs to provide analysis into that data and offer key insights for the CEO (Directors).

If you are unable to access the financial performance of your business, benchmark it to industry standards, or make revenue-producing decisions, you need our services. If you do not have a budget, or routinely analyse variances in your budget versus actual performance, you need our CFO services.

Looking for an offline or cloud accounting software for businesses like yours? When hiring us as your offline or cloud-based accounting service experts, we’ll have your accounting system created and streamlined to process your bookkeeping and accounting instantly.

Our offline and cloud-based accounting software will have all the data ready to be viewed and saved anywhere you wish to access it. We ensure our remote accounting services are available for you when you need it the most.

If you wish to have your invoicing, track profitability or even run your payroll remotely and automated, we can help you with our remote accounting services. We set you up with your very own cloud-based accounting system and offline system as you desire, allowing you to efficiently and
remotely access your bookkeeping and financial information.

We’ll be available to provide technical support throughout the process as we train you to be familiarized with the system.

Modern businesses require modern tax solutions, which is where we come in. Gone are the days of declining quality and rising prices associated with the traditional tax preparation industry. All successful businesses need to consider their tax affairs so be in line and ahead of their competitors. 

Take advantage of the existing tax laws and use them for your business growth while you comply with the law of the country. This stretches your business growth beyond all limitations.

We provide a wide range of tax services that is to say:

  • Tax Registration and De-Registration.
  • Individual and Corporate Tax returns.
  • VAT and PAYE compliance.
  • Withholding Tax compliance.
  • Tax Audit Assistance.
  • Expatriate Tax Solutions.
  • Transfer pricing.
  • International Tax Planning and Structuring.
  • And all tax consultancy

We understand how time-consuming and complicated it is when setting up your payroll. We know that this delicate procedure could either cost you million shillings, hence why we offer our expertise to do just about that.

We’ll set up your payroll system as conveniently and user-friendly from the start, ensuring that everything runs smoothly throughout the process. We’ll be available to provide you with any support via our professional team.

Looking for payroll companies for small businesses? We offer quick, easy, affordable payroll system structures, powered by experts. We’ll run your payroll for you, ensuring accuracy and compliance.